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Old? No, very young. In spirit. But, very experienced. The Hospitalitist was founded in 2005. For over 15 years we have supported hospitality- and service related organizations within the Netherlands. We bring and secure the hospitality gene withing these organizations. The Hospitalitist was founded by Maarten Vooijs. During his studies at Hotelschool The Hague, Maarten worked as an event manager in Amsterdam. He found a lack of service quality and qualified employees within the industry. Maarten called himself The Hospitalitist, hospitality in person. With this vision in mind, Maarten made a platform together with Daan Meischke that primarily offered highly qualified employees to the hospitality industry in Amsterdam and in The Hague. These experiences have led to a vision that has influence on hospitality and loyalty. Nowadays, The Hospitalitist provides service culture within various organization.

Vision and Mission

In a world where digitalization is increasing, there is a need for more personal contact. Contact moments are becoming scarcer and therefore more valuable. Life is short and you have to capture the valuable moments, make a difference, add something, create something. Do this from within, from the person that you really are and what really drives you.

We believe in continuously increasing loyalty through applying hospitality. Loyalty to yourself and loyalty to your environment.

We increase loyalty by connecting employees and organizations, developing and delivering tools, advice and support and analyzing data and feeding it back to the community.

We do this by establishing ourselves as an equal partner, continuously sharing our knowledge and insights, which we learn to keep applying again and again, to connect, to build kickass teams and sometimes it’s just a matter trying again just to make it simpler.

In 2023 we will be the human capital benchmark for hospitality- and service related organizations.

We use human capital instead of human resource, because we believe that people are as important as capital. You invest in your capital. We also believe in a continuously changing world. You as an entrepreneur or manager, and your organization also have changing needs. Each phase has its own challenges. The knowledge that is acquired is continuously shared with the licensees and used to optimize services and products.

Our team

Max van Aarsen

Squad Lead

Alyssa Budding

Squad Lead

Rutger van den Brink

Managing Partner -
Business Development Hospitality Flex

Kim Fleur

Squad Lead

Charlotte Giele

Squad Lead

Frank Henkus


Joëlle van der Kamp


Pepijn Kooiman

Managing Partner -
Human Capital

Annick Kooiman

Squad Lead

Yannick van Maanen

Squad Lead

Thysa Meier Mattern

Learning & Development

Maarten Vooijs

Founder & Managing Partner



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