Employer Branding

Your organization’s image largely determines whether you attract the right people. If you do this correctly, the right employees will come to you. Improve your employer brand through Employer Branding and achieve the preferred position amongst employees. This way you are guaranteed to hire the right people.

Building a strategy together

We use our Employer Brand model to build your own strategy together. This strategy consists of a clear step-by-step plan. With this plan, the implementation of an Employee Journey is very easy, and it enables to keep control over it. This is good to know, as this is the journey an employee goes through in your organization. Is the organization still under construction, or do you want to use flex solutions for another reason? The Hospitalitist is your Human Capital partner. Also, for flexible solutions!

Business continuity stands or falls with flexible follow-up. The Hospitalitist maps out who is leaving when and what this means for your organization. This is one of the many advantages of an insightful Employee Journey. This way you have plenty of time to ensure that the follow-up runs smoothly. Use your Employer brand on time and attract the right people.

The advantages

The benefits of a successful Employer Branding are:

• You distinguish yourself from your competitors
• The recruitment process is faster (shorter time-to-hire)
• You are more attractive to top talent
• Employees remain employed for a longer period of time
• You benefit from lower recruitment costs

Your own dream team

We are happy to use our knowledge and experience to create your dream team. Do you need a small, permanent team and do you want to strengthen it with our flex workers? You certainly can! We use the power of your Employer Brand to attract the right employees for your organization. This way, the guest does not notice any difference whilst the employees work excellently together.

Contact us

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Recruitment & Selection

More than 65% of matches made by recruiters do not last longer than 1 year. This is because the real success of the match is determined by the guidance that the employee and organization receive in the first period. This is what The Hospitalitist does; making an inventory of which profiles are needed, recruiting the right employees with these profiles and supervising them during the first period. The fit between an employee and your organization determines how successful the match is. The objective of your organization is our starting point. Afterwards, we jointly determine which way of working best suits this: temporarily employment, secondment, hiring or a combination of these.

Training & coaching

In a world that is constantly changing, it is a must to continuously develop your organization and your employees, so that you can continue responding to these ongoing changes. Training and coaching are continuously given to our own employees. Personal and organizational development is a permanent part of The Hospitalist’s business operations. The knowledge and experience we gain with this are also available for you. We like to think along as a human capital partner and make a proactive plan for the continuous development of your organization and employees.

Planning & operations

In this sector, there are two options: running or standing still. You have to deal with peak loads. You do not prefer working with multiple parties. These all work different, which is not consistent for your desired result. The Hospitalitist will arrange this for you. We have the people and the network. If necessary, we contact our preferred partners. No extra work for you, but the result you expect. We are also more than happy to take a look at your operational processes. How can processes be faster, better and cheaper? Getting optimal results with a team, that is what The Hospitalitist is all about.

HR Administration

HR and administration are often seen as necessary but are not popular parts of the business operations. The Hospitalitist does not look at “human” as a resource, but as capital; human capital, basically. As a Human Capital Partner, we look at which investments you can make and how to maximize the result quickly and sustainably. How administrative processes lead to better communication and thus better business results is what The Hospitalitist can do with and/or for you.