Our approach

The Hospitalitist takes care of your service culture.

The needs that you, your employees and your organization have, are constantly changing. We understand that. As your partner, we are happy to change in line with those needs. Having personal contact with your Human Capital sparring partner brings understanding and trust. As your sparring partner, we will know exactly what you need, and we will deliver the most suitable solution at the right time.

The basis for a collaboration is a subscription that will allow you to join The Hospitalitist for a full year. With this subscription we will carry out the activities below according to a fixed and proven approach. Besides, you will have exclusive access to our network, content, discounts on other services and we will share our valuable insights with you on a continuous basis.

The collaboration starts with a scan: How is your organization doing? We do this by performing a Service Excellence Scan. The quick wins and focus areas of your organization will become clear. Based on this, we will determine which aspects we will focus on first. The aspects comprise an annual process in which various activities will be carried out. Fully facilitated by your Human Capital partner supported by our specialists.

The products and services that The Hospitalitist offers in its subscription are developed to continuously improve 3 processes in organizations: the recruitment and promotion of employees, planning and leading teams and the growth and development of employees & organization.

In- and flowthrough

As an organization you want to be attractive to the right people, we call that employer branding. We have good ideas and more than 15 years of experience with regards to how you should recognize that. We use our employer branding model to build an employer branding strategy together. This strategy forms a step-by-step plan to implement and monitor an employee journey. An elaboration of the journey that an employee can follow within your organization. Is your organization still under construction, or do you want to use flex solutions for any other reason? The Hospitalitist is your Human Capital partner.

Business continuity stands or falls with flexible succession. The Hospitalitist supports you by knowing who should take which step and when. This way you have plenty of time to ensure your succession runs smoothly. Successful succession planning leads to 25% less risk and better business results.

Are you looking for a permanent member for your team? Through our unique MATCH system, we can find the perfect “match” for you. Ask us what the possibilities are.

Planning & leading teams

How do you know that you are getting the most out of your team? Operational bustle and ad hoc activities often result in insufficient insights and attention to this and other important questions. The Hospitalitist supports you by gaining insight into the effectiveness of your team and guides you in the optimal use of your team. Also, it is very beneficial for your employees, as they will be able to develop themselves and therefore be op to 60% more work focussed.

Optimizing your schedule can also be very challenging and can feel as an energy draining task for your employee on a regular basis. The Hospitalitist brings its knowledge and experience, which makes this task easier for you whilst obtaining the desired result. Profit can be achieved by coordinating your employees’ wishes and the planning. Beneficial for you, your organization and your employees.

Growth & development

Finding, utilizing and deploying full potential for an organization is what energizes us. Our methods are based on a combination of existing and proven techniques that are seen today as “cutting edge”. We continuously develop these modules based on the experiences we go through ourselves. Because of this, you can be ensured you will get the best solution for your specific challenge.

Growth and development are highly dependent on the situation(s) you are in. We see growth and development from three different perspectives: the organization, the team and the individual. We harmonize these seamlessly with each other in their growth. Our methods monitor the progress and the influence that the organization, team and individual have on each other.

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