9 juni 2021

Zo win je de “war for hospitality talent”!

Leestijd: 4 minuten Geschreven door: Rutger van den Brink Eén op vijf horeca medewerkers heeft onze mooie branche verlaten. En juist nú zijn ze weer hard […]
24 mei 2016

How to identify a great empowering company culture

As the Millennial generation gears up to be the biggest working generation to brace the planet earth, it is important for employees and managers alike to […]
11 april 2016

A successful LinkedIn profile!

In the world of social media, your professional profile must look different from your Facebook one! For potential future employers and your network, the following are […]
11 april 2016

Why hospitality skills will help you in every other field

  Something positive about part-time student jobs: it makes us tougher! Ever wonder how those late nights working at restaurants and events will help you in […]
11 april 2016

Talent: the new description of an employee

Ever wonder how your job title as a Talent will actually mean something on your CV, and if your future employer will appreciate your talent in […]
5 april 2016

Students: Network your way to success!

Ask yourself, what do I want to get out of this? Do you want to spread awareness about a start-up project you’re involved in, get advice […]
4 april 2016

How to handle a difficult conversation?

Ever stand on the work floor or been in a situation where you had to communicate a message which was not so comfortable ? Perhaps a […]
7 maart 2016

CAREER SEARCH PT 2: Where is my dream job ?

Now that you know how to find your driving force, the why behind our actions, the next logical step is to identify what the career possibilities are […]